Who are RBC

Racecourse Betting Compliance Limited - or RBC for short - is an independent Company contracted to British racecourses to administer and oversee on-course bookmakers.  The term 'on-course bookmakers' includes licensed operators working in Tattersalls, Rails and Minor betting rings, who are easily identified because they generally bet outdoors in front of the grandstand.  Sometimes you might find them elsewhere on the racecourse by the paddock or in other busy areas.

RBC does not have any jurisdiction over the racecourse betting shop or Britbet/Tote betting. 

What does RBC do?

RBC sends at least one Betting Ring Manager to every British race meeting at the 60 racecourses licensed by the British Horseracing Authority.  The Betting Ring Manager's main function is to ensure that everything runs smoothly within the betting rings.  Any racegoer who has a dispute with a bookmaker should contact the Betting Ring Manager for an instant and independent resolution of the problem.

It is particularly important that a racegoer should alert the Betting Ring Manager if they have lost their ticket.  With so many different bookmakers processing such a large volume of bets at each race meeting, lost tickets cannot be processed if they are not brought to the attention of the Betting Ring Manager on the day. 

How do I find the Betting Ring Manager?

The Betting Ring Manager has an office at most racecourses, often signposted in the racecard.  The Betting Ring Manager will also be identifiable by branded clothing and will usually be found in or around the main betting ring.

If you cannot find the Betting Ring Manager (after all, racecourses are big places and they may be busy elsewhere), please contact the racecourse office who will be able to contact him/her by walkie-talkie radio.

My bookmaker left early. How do I get my winnings?

First of all, don't worry - we can sort it out for you!  Bookmakers are allowed to leave before the last race as long as they stay for ten minutes after any race on which they have taken a bet.

If you are still at the track, contact the Betting Ring Manager and they may be able to facilitate payment of your bet straight away.  If you have left the track, please send the original ticket to the RBC address on the back (beginning '11 Longbow Close') along with a brief covering note giving your name and phone number for us to call for further details.  Take a copy of the bet first using a smartphone or photocopier, just in case your letter gets lost in the post.

Most claims are settled in around two weeks but it is dependent on how quickly the bookmaker responds to the RBC office.